Before the summer travelers descend on the Black Hills, spring visitors can enjoy a slower pace as winter loosens its grip on the landscape. Bighorn sheep lambs will start to make their appearances and the first bison calves of the season arrive. Mother Nature offers up a variety of weather, but snows are quick to melt and morning frosts create stunning photo opportunities.

It is always a good idea to have a light jacket, rain jacket, or umbrella as you pack your bags, but know indoor fun abounds if the weather would decide to make a turn on your days adventure. Early season hikers will enjoy close-up looks at the budding foliage and clear blue streams. If you area biker and car enthusiast take advantage of this time for casual cruises, picnics, and just enjoying everything the winding roads of the Black Hills has to offer. 

After an awesome day of touring the hills, you can relax in your room, or your choice of many outdoor seating areas enjoying an afternoon siesta. Then take a walk around our 1 mile town to enjoy Wine/Beer tastings and enjoy dinner at our many restuarants that we have to offer. With many attractions close by we hope you can stay for a long weekend here at the Harney Peak Inn, in the Heart of the Black Hills.

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